Directed by Elizabeth Orr
Written by Joey Petropoulos

Opening Reception August 6, 2010
Krowswork Gallery
480 23rd Street, side entrance
Oakland, California
part of Oakland's First Fridays

Auspicious & Combative is an experimental narrative video installation, depicting two androgynous figures in a dreamlike, foggy landscape. The two figures are disputing and conversing; inevitably falling in and out of different levels of consciousness with one another.

A & C is a collaboration between San Francisco based, emerging video artist Elizabeth Orr and Oakland based writer Joey Petropoulos.

The seven different looped video pieces are set to soft tumultuous beach noises and the screenplay.

Similar to the stations of the cross, there is one large projection in front of the audience, and three smaller projections on each side. The viewer has the opportunity to be seated or walk around the room (clockwise or counterclockwise). If seated, one can look towards the main image, still immersed in the installation.

1st Wall: Three projected images in one projector
2nd Wall: One large projected image on the main wall (where seating faces)
3rd Wall: Three more projected images on one projector